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Number of Issue & Date

75th Edition (Thursday, 6th Dec 2007)
74th Edition (Thursday, 11th Oct 2007)
73rd Edition (Thursday, 27th Sep 2007)
72nd Edition (Thursday, 16th Aug 2007)
71st Edition (Thursday, 18th July 2007)
70th Edition (Thursday, 28th Jun 2007)
69th Edition (Thursday, 14th Jun 2007)
68th Edition (Thursday, 31st May 2007)
67th Edition (Thursday, 3rd May 2007)
66th Edition (Thursday, 19th April 2007)
65th Edition (Thursday, 15th Mar 2007)
64th Edition (Thursday, 1st Mar 2007)
63rd Edition (Thursday, 15th Feb 2007)
62nd Edition (Thursday, 1st Feb 2007)
61st Edition (Thursday, 7th Dec 2006)
60th Edition (Thursday, 16th Nov 2006)
59th Edition (Thursday, 23rd Oct 2006)
58th Edition (Thursday, 5th Oct 2006)
57th Edition (Thursday, 21st Sep 2006)
56th Edition (Thursday, 7th Sep 2006)
55th Edition (Thursday, 3rd Aug 2006)
54th Edition (Thursday, 20th July 2006)
53rd Edition (Thursday, 6th July 2006)
52nd Edition (Thursday, 22nd June 2006)
51st Edition (Thursday, 8th June 2006)
  Making a Bridge between Japan and Bangladesh (June 2006)
50th Edition (Thursday, 10th May 2006)
Number of Issue & Date Message from Ambassador
49th Edition (Thursday, 27th April 2006) For the Bright Future of Bangladesh
48th Edition (Thursday, 13th April 2006) Launching of "Competent Candidate Movement"
47th Edition (Thursday, 30th March 2006) River Erosions in Bangladesh
46th Edition (Thursday, 16th March 2006) Building Collapse and Land Issue
45th Edition (Thursday, 2nd March 2006) History of the Japanese Society in Dhaka and Spring Festival
44th Edition (Thursday, 16th February 2006) Campaign to enhance national pride and self-confidence of Bangladeshi people
43rd Edition (Thursday, 2nd February 2006) Nomination by UNESCO of BAUL music as a masterpiece of the Oral andIntangible Heritage of Humanity
42nd Edition (Thursday, 19th January 2006) New Year's Greeting

41st Edition (Monday, 26th December 2005)

Bangladesh and Myanmar
40th Edition (Sunday, 11th December 2005) Thoughts on Suicide Bombings
39th Edition (Sunday, 27th November 2005) Poverty Reduction Strategy Implementation Forum
38th Edition (Sunday, 13th November 2005) Revisiting Comilla - Remembrance Service at the Commonwealth War Cemetery and Restoration of the Moinamati Buddhist Remains -
37th Edition (Sunday, 30th October 2005) Towards the enhancement of South Asian regional cooperation
36th Edition (Sunday, 16th October 2005) About Tourism Promotion--Trip to Mahasthan
35th Edition (Sunday, 2nd October 2005) On the simultaneous bomb blasts on August 17
34th Edition (Sunday, 18th September 2005) Follow-up of the Prime Minister's visit to Japan
33rd Edition (Sunday, 4th September 2005) Green Dhaka Clean Dhaka
32nd Edition (Sunday, 21st August 2005) Tourism Promotion in Bangladesh
31st Edition (Sunday, 7th August 2005) Thoughts on Honorable Prime Minister Khaleda Zia's visit to Japan
30th Edition (Sunday, 24th July 2005) The fruit of Honorable Prime Minister Khaleda Zia's visit to Japan
29th Edition (Sunday, 10th July 2005) Promising Bangladeshi Young Entrepreneurs
28th Edition (Monday, 27th June 2005) Rebuttal against Islamic Fundamentalism in Bangladesh
27th Edition (Sunday, 12th June 2005) The Inauguration of Rupsha Bridge and Development in South Asia
26th Edition (Sunday, 29th May 2005) Visit to Chittagong Hill Tracts (Part 2)
25th Edition (Sunday, 15th May 2005) Visit to Chittagong Hill Tracts
24th Edition (Monday, 2nd May 2005) Entrance Ceremony at Japanese School in Dhaka
23rd Edition (Monday, 18th April 2005) On Hartals-Part 2
22nd Edition (Tuesday, 5th April 2005) On Hartals-Part 1
21st Edition (Monday, 21st March 2005) Human Rights and Police Reform
20th Edition (Sunday, 6th March 2005) Bangladesh and Lebanon
19th Edition (Wednesday, 23rd February 2005) Flower Business in Bangladesh
18th Edition (Monday, 7th February 2005) Visit of Senior Vice-Minister for Agriculture to Bangladesh
17th Edition (Tuesday, 25th January 2005) Bangladeshi Resilience
16th Edition (Sunday, 9th January 2005) New Developments in Bangladesh
15th Edition (Monday, 19th December 2004) Tourism Promotion in Bangladesh
14th Edition (Monday, 5th December 2004) Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
13th Edition (Monday, 8th November 2004) Commonwealth War Cemetery in Comilla
12th Edition (Monday, 8th November 2004) ICDDR,B & Health Sector Reform
11th Edition (Sunday, 24th October 2004) Padma Bridge and Promotion of Democracy
10th Edition (Monday, 11th October 2004) Listening to the voices of the flood-affected people
9th Edition (Sunday, 26th September 2004) Using local innovations to ward off post-MFA backlash
8th Edition (Sunday, 12th September 2004) Welcoming the Return of the Natives
7th Edition (Sunday, 29th August 2004) Critical Time for National Unity
6th Edition (Sunday, 16th August 2004) Towards a Permanent Solution to Floods
5th Edition (Sunday, 01st August 2004) Higher Education in Bangladesh
4th Edition (Sunday, 18th July 2004) Human Resource Development
3rd Edition (Sunday, 04th July 2004) On Governance and Corruption
2nd Edition (Sunday, 20th June 2004) Japan Trade Show, JBCCI & Private Sector Development
1st Edition (Sunday, 06th June 2004) Inaugural issue of the Japan-Bangladesh E-Bulletin
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