How to Apply for GGHSP


1. Outline of Application

(1) Eligibility Criteria:

The applicant should be one of the following organizations:
a. International, National or Local NGO
b. Local Government
c. Medical Institution
d. Educational Institution
(2) Grant Amount & Scope:

The maximum amount per project is 20 million Japanese Yen in principle. The grant covers mainly the costs of purchasing equipment / constructing facilities, and personnel costs (excluding personnel costs of the recipient organization) that are necessary for the project’s achievement.
For further details, please check the following manual.

>GGHSP Application Manual

>GGHSP Brochure


2. How to Apply

   Download application forms (GGHSP Application Form 1 and GGHSP Application Form 2) from following link and submit them along with additional supporting documents in either hard copy or soft copy to the following address. You need to fill up the all information requested in the application.
You can download the sample of the supporting documents from following links as well. Please kindly note that it is not mandatory to follow the sample formats of supporting documents, however, such detailed information is important for assessment. Moreover, the “Supporting Documents 1-6” are sample formats, which you can take reference from to provide additional information. 

GGHSP Application Form 1
> GGHSP Application Form 2

> Supporting document 1: Details of requested equipment
> Supporting document 2: Details of Rooms
> Supporting document 3: Training Schedule
> Supporting document 4: Work Plan
> Supporting document 5: Expected Beneficiaries
> Supporting document 6: Detailed Budget (construction only)
If you have any inquiry, please contact us;

GGHSP Consultant
Economic Section
Embassy of Japan
Plot No. 5 & 7, Dutabash Road, Baridhara,Dhaka-1212

 ​3. Important Dates & Deadlines:

-Deadline for Application Submission:
We accept applications through-out the year. However, applications are screened once a year from April. Therefore, it is advised to submit applications by 30th March, 2024. Applications submitted after June will be forwarded to next year for review. Applicants are advised to submit applications well in advance to avail sufficient time for review and discussion; Please be careful about the expiration of the quotations.

-Application Result Announcement:
Applicants will receive the official letter containing the decision on their applications by the end of December in principle.

-Fund Disbursement:
The GGHSP is one-time disbursement by the end of March next year when its Grant Contract is signed. For example, if an applicant submits application before 30th March 2024 and gets selected for funding, then the fund will be disbursed by the end of March 2025.