General Information

All visa applications at the Embassy are being processed by appointment through e-mail only. In addition, during the busy periods of mid-March to early June and mid-September to late October each year, we are receiving so many visa applications, mainly from international students. As a result you may have to wait more than one month to get your desired appointment date. Therefore, please make your visa application appointment well in advance through e-mail (especially during the peak season).

*You must allow minimum 5 working days for visa issuance

Visa Related Service Hours
Distribution of VisaApplication Form 09:00am~ 05:00pm Sunday to Thursday
Submission of Visa Application 09:00am~11:00am Sunday to Thursday
Gate Close for All Visa Applicants 10:50am Sunday to Thursday
Interview of Visa Applicant 9:30am~12:00pm Usually same day after the submission of Documents
Passport Delivery 2:00pm~3:30pm Usually five

working days after interview

I Visa procedures
1. How to get and fill out the “Visa application forms”
(1) The Japanese visa application forms are distribute at Embassy gate on every working day and also you can get it by clicking on Visa Application Form. In addition, the same form  can be found on internet search with key words "Japan Visa Form".
(2) The forms must fills it out completely. (refer attachment 1)
(3) The photos should use 2 inch x 1.4 inch, taken within 6-months.
2. How to apply for visa Appointment
(1) Hours of submission is 9:00 to 11:00 on every working day by the applicant.
(2) Submit your application with documents specified in the attachment 3.
(3) You will receive an "application receipt" when you submit your application.
(4) We may deny if you do not submit all documents required or 6 months have not passed since your last visa refusal.
(5) It is highly recommended to apply for visa well in advance of your travel.
3. How to attend Interview
(1) Interview time will be held at same time of your submission of application.
(2) At the end of the interview, you will be instructed on how to collect your passport.
(3) This information is written on the application receipt as well.
4. How to get back your passport
(1) We deliver your passport and return submitted all original documents 14:30 to 15:30 on the instructed day.
(2) You have to submit the application receipt.
(3) If you send someone else to pick it up, prepare the application receipt and authorization with your valid signature.
II Multiple visa
If you are planning frequent visits to Japan, each stay less than 90days and no reward activities, a multiple visa for 1 year is available. Prepare following extra required documents with your application: (i) Explanatory letter (mentioning necessity, frequency of visit and your social status, etc), (ii) Pertaining Proof documents.  
III Non resident application
We do not receive visa application if the applicants are not residents of Bangladesh or not Bangladeshi nationals.
Even if the applicant is a Bangladeshi national but who lives in other country and documents are issued by the country of residence it could take long time for documents verification.
Contact the Visa Section in case of a humanity case.
IV Fee
 No fee for Bangladesh national. Other national, ask the Embassy.
V Contact
 Do not send documents such as letters of invitation, request letter, inquiry letter, etc, via fax or mail directly to the consular section. We do not answer these kind of documents.
  For a secret information such as fraudulent applicant, complaint, information leak, etc, send a letter to the “Special unit for visa service” Embassy of Japan.

Embassy of Japan Consular & Visa Section

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