Guideline for filling out Japanese Visa Application Form

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General notice
・All applicants must sign your application, and all applicants are personal responsible and accountable for the answers on your application forms, even if someone else fills it out.
・Make sure the all phone number must be collect.
・Respond to all the questions. If you have no response for a question, put “none”, “nil” or “N/A”.
・If your name on your Passport is “MD Shafiqul Khan”, put as your surname is “Khan”, put your given and middle name is “MD Shafiqul”.
・Do not use any titles such as “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, “Dr.” in the name box.
・If your name on your passport uses initials, you must list your full name in the “Different name used” box.
Purpose of Journey to Japan
・     ・You must provide specific purpose or choice word from our visa categories. Do not put only Visit, Travel, Work, etc. You must put as for Business, for Relatives visit, for Sight-seeing, for work as Specialist in Humanities, for live with my husband as Dependent.
Home address
・You must provide specific contact and address information. Do not put only city name such as Gulshan2, Dhaka. You must provide House number, Road number, Plot number, etc. No land readjustment area such as Village must provide covered Police station name, covered Post office name, covered Public office name.
Profession or occupation
・You must provide specific work. Do not put as only Business, Job, Private Service, Students. You must put as Medicine businessman, Car businessman, Sales staff, Office clerk, Trader, Teacher, University student (2nd year), Class V student, College student (HSC), etc.
Name and address or firm or organization to which applicant belong
・Refer above Home address instructions.
Address of hotels or names and addresses of persons with whom applicant intends to stay
・You must provide specific contact and address information in Japan. Do not put only address. Put name first and address such as “Guarantor’s house, 1-1-5 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo”, “Husband’s house 2-2-5, Yokohama city, Kanagawa”, “Gaimu Hotel, 1218 Toyama city, Toyama”.
・You must remember all applicants are personal responsible and accountable for the answers on your application forms. Do not put false hotel reservation.