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Japan’s New Era Name “Reiwa”

On 1 April, the Japanese Cabinet decision was taken on a Cabinet Order to change the name of the era.
The new era name is “Reiwa,” which means beautiful harmony.

“Reiwa” comprises of two characters; “Rei” means beautiful and “Wa” harmony. It includes the meaning that culture will be nurtured as people bring their hearts together in a beautiful manner. 

The name “Reiwa” was taken from wording appearing in the Manyoshu, which is Japan’s oldest poetry anthology, compiled more than 1,200 years ago. It is also a Japanese work containing poems composed by people from a wide range of strata in society, including not only Emperors, Imperial Family members, and nobility, but also soldiers and farmers, and symbolizes Japan’s rich national culture and long-established traditions.
On May 1, His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince will accede to the Imperial throne, and this new era name will be used from that day forward.

* Statement by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the new era ‘Reiwa’