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Japan’s Basic Policies and General Assessments on the Domestic Situations related to Novel Coronavirus

The government of Japan is fully committed in handling the situation and in implementing measures to prevent the further spread of infection. It also will continue to provide and disclose the latest information related to the current situation on Novel Coronavirus.
In the latest press conference on March 14th, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe explained that though we were still seeing increase in the cumulative number of the patient in Japan, the domestic spreading of COVID-19 is under suppression.
*Prime Minister’s press conference on March 14th:
https://nettv.gov-online.go.jp/eng/prg/prg6683.html?t=1&a=1 (Japanese Government Internet TV)
  1. Basic Policies of Japanese Government for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control
  • Second Emergency Response Package is announced on March 10th
<Key Points>
-The government will exert every effort to prevent the spread of infection and address the immediate issues appropriately (fiscal measures: approximately 400 billion yen; financial measures: 1.6 trillion yen total).
- It will continue to closely monitor regional and global economic trends along with the epidemiological situation and take necessary measures without hesitation.
*Detailed summary available at: http://japan.kantei.go.jp/ongoingtopics/_00015.html (Prime Minister’s office website)
*Other Sources;
- 19th Meeting of the Novel Coronavirus Response Headquarters
https://japan.kantei.go.jp/98_abe/actions/202003/_00012.html  (PM in Action) (March 10th)
- Expert Meeting on the Novel Coronavirus Disease Control "Views on the Novel Coronavirus Disease Control" https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/10900000/000608425.pdf  (Summary, March 9th)

● Entry restrictions from highly infected countries/regions
-As situations vary depending on regions, Japan has been making decisions considering all such diverse factors. As a result, visitors from China to Japan decreased by more than 95%. On March 5th, Prime Minister Abe announced Japan took measures to further curb entry from China and South Korea. Such restriction policy is constantly reviewed and additional measures follow if necessary.
*Border Measures Related to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Visa restrictions https://www.mofa.go.jp/ca/fna/page4e_001051.html (MOFA Japan website, as of March 6th)

● Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
-Government of Japan will continue to work with related organizations including IOC and prepare for hosting 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games as scheduled.

(2) General assessments on the domestic situations of COVID-19 in Japan:

-In Japan, there are no regions where a large-scale spread of infection has been identified.
-The number of deaths in Japan is not extremely large, and proper treatment has been provided. The number of the death is 0.06 per 1 million, which is 20th in the world ranking, according to WHO.
- Japan is not in an exceptional situation where global concern should be given. Japan ranks 12th in the number of the cumulative confirmed-cases of COVID-19.
*Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 by Country (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan Website):  https://www.anzen.mofa.go.jp/covid19/graph_english.html
*COVID-19 situation within and outside the country (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan): https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/newpage_00032.html
*WHO Situation Report:

*Please note that the situation is ongoing and above information is subject to change in the following consequences.