Ambassador’s letter of appreciation for Euglena Co., Ltd. for providing food to displaced Rohingya people

On April 9th, Ambassador Izumi issued a letter of appreciation for Mr. Yukoh Satake, Executive Officer, Head of Business Development of Euglena Co., Ltd., for donating 200,000 meals to a Rohingya camp in Cox’s Bazar last December.

According to the Euglena Co., Ltd., they started `Euglena Genki Program` in 2014 and has been donating 9,000 (currently) meals of biscuits with euglena per day to Bangladeshi children in slum area. For the purpose of supporting the displaced people in Cox’s Bazar, they have doubled the volume and added more nutrition to the biscuits they made for `Euglena Genki Program`. With cooperation of Bangladeshi governmental organizations, Mr. Satake himself visited a camp in Cox’s Bazar last December on 27th and 28th , and handed over 23 tons, 3 truck-full of euglena biscuits to the people in need.

Ambassador Izumi appreciated this support for the displaced people in his letter, saying “It is not hard to imagine that your act out of sincerity has been received by the displaced people with deepest gratitude, but it must have been also a great support for the Bangladeshi government”.  “We all have to sympathize with displaced people as well as Bangladesh, and have to cooperate for the future, living together with harmony. We would greatly appreciate your continued effort”.