COVID-19 response: Japan provides stockpiled ASEF equipment to Bangladesh

  1. As the assistance for COVID-19 response, the Government of Japan has decided to provide Bangladesh with over 340,000 items including five different types of goods such as isolation gowns, which are part of the Asia-Europe Foundation’s stockpiled items financed by Japan.
  2. These goods will be delivered by Japan International Cooperation System (JICS) to Bangladesh from the warehouse in Singapore in coordination with the WHO Regional Office for the South-East Asia (SEARO).
  3. Japan has provided various kinds of support, including emergency budget support loans, grants of medical equipment, and other support through international organizations to help Bangladesh suppress the COVID-19. Japan will continue to cooperate with Bangladesh to overcome this unprecedented crisis.
*Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) was founded in 1996 in Singapore as a permanent body of Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). It has been engaged in multiple activities with a focus on the socio-cultural field.
**Content of the equipment to be provided
30,000 isolation gowns, 2,500 safety goggles, 100,000 gloves and 208,000 masks.