The JICA Chair Seminar 2021 has been held on the occasion of the centennial of Dhaka University

The JICA Chair Seminar 2021
The JICA Chair Seminar 2021
 On 10th March 2021, Ambassador ITO Naoki participated the JICA Chair Seminar 2021 jointly organized by the Department of Japanese Studies, University of Dhaka and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on the occasion of the centennial of Dhaka University. The JICA Chair is a program that aims to contribute to development studies by sharing Japan's development experience.

  A special lecture titled ‘Policy Learning for Economic Growth and Industrial Transformation’ was delivered by eminent Professor Dr. Kenichi Ohno of National Graduate Institute of Policy Studies (GRIPS) in the seminar. He focused on the importance how Bangladesh can utilize Japan models for its own economic growth and how to do policy learning on the basis of his experience through industrious dialogue with various countries. JICA Chair DVD Lecture 4 on ‘Economic Growth and Japanese Management’ by Professor Dr. Hiroyuki Itami, President, International University of Japan has also been presented at the beginning of the seminar.

  H. E. Mr. ITO Naoki has said, “Being the largest development partner, our contribution should not be limited to infrastructure building and providing financial resources for this county’s development, but to the areas like knowledge sharing, intellectual dialogue or collaborative research and learning by taking opportunities during the milestone years. Japan and Bangladesh can join more hands for the benefit of both countries.”