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Experience of JENESYS 2.0 participant

Tasnim Khalif (Japanese Language Learner)

Dhaka:20th May,2015

Tasnim Khalif visiting old Temples in Japan

After visiting Japan

Japan and Bangladesh have maintained friendly relations since February 10th ,1972,through economic and technical cooperation,cultural exchanges and mutual visits.A part of this friendly relation by the Jenesys 2.0 I got the chance to visit japan.At first I want to give thanks to the japan international cooperation,Jenesys and to the government of japan to organize such a nice programme.I also considered my self very lucky for being nominatedfor this programme.through the entire programme I learned a lot which was related with my field .I was always expecting and trying to learn more but what I have learned was also very much helpful for me and my country.Ibelive that I will be able to use this knowledge in my country for the further development .Before went to Japan my expect was to know about their women I gained a lot of knowledge by this tour.I visited Tokyo,Kyoto and Nara .I visited schools,musium,oteraetcI visited the high school ,the kindergarden school I was wondered by their educational system ,their way of teaching.In kindergarden school I saw how they teach moral lessons.In our country we can also use the teachinic for the good of our next generation.There school is so clean ,I was wondered to see that students do their works jibonde.I also visited Miraican the science museum.I was surprised to to see Asimo and other robot.I think Miraikan is a store house of knowledge .I saw many parents came with their children to develop their knowledge to see that I was happy .I saw their women they are very hard working.They work 12 to 15 hours everyday.They know how to manage home and their job.Age is not a factor to them.I saw pink lady I was astonished to see there work spirit.The women of our country are now educated but they are not aware about their future their work their dreams I want give my knowledge to them that we the woman have to use our education in our everyday life.I went many japanisse restaurant eaten so many foods of them like tempura ,miso suru,sushietc.They are very health conscious which I like so much.I visited kinkakuji,the various temple of nara.I wondered to saw the structure.How to, when always I make question with wonder!They are very conscious about their tradition,theirlanguage.They respect their tradition from the bottom of their heart.From the knowledge of 2 days of homestay I saw how much well behaved they are .A single moment they did not give me to think I am abroad. From the visit I think they are very sacrificing character.Every day every moment they do sacrifice.They respect their ruls for the shake of their country for their country people and for their next generation.We the Bangladeshi can also follow the sacrificing nature of the japanies for the shake of our country.At last I again I want to give thanks to all for helping me all the time.I learned a lot from this programme and belivethat I will able to use this knowledge in future for the beneficial of my country countrypeople.Arigato gozaimasu.

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