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Experience of JENESYS 2.0 participant

Nasiratun Nessa (Japanese Language Learner)

Dhaka:20th May,2015

Naseratun Nessa while attending JENESYS 2.0 in Japan.

Sharing one of my international experiences with you

I have a plan to go for higher study in japan as my husband who is also a dentist dr.shahriar khan is in Japan and doing his studies in there.As a preparation I got admitted in Japanese language department at Jahangirnogor university. From there I recently got an opportunity to visit Japan as a member of Bangladesh team.Actually Japanese government invited students from SAARC enlisted countries on in youth exchange program. Our visit was a part of this programme.for that invitation we started our journey.

We landed in hanada airport in Tokyo and the members of our country were received by our program co- ordinator.after arrival of our hotel we got an orientation program and schedule of the program.then joined in a Japanes language class in that same day.in the next day We went to national museum of emerging science and innovation called - Miraikan.Where we met Asimo a live robot that can sing,dance and jump.we have also met two other human like robots.one female and one child.The amazing fact is it is very difficult to understand that they are robots.As a doctor the most amazing things for me in museum was a vedio game operating tumours.kids are learning from this games.we stepped on their space like sculpture in there too.Then Got up into the bullet train called shinkansen that took us to Kyoto.one of the world famous tourist cities of japan.It was once Japanese capital and still carrying the ancient traditional touches of Japan.we went to the Gold temple kinkakuji.The Nijo castle a monument of ancient Kyoto,a cloth Dying company and visited school, then we went to a Japanese family for a sorts of cultural exchange s called home stay, That is one nice family having 3 kids and their parents.we have seen their life style very co in ours.last 2 days stay in there. They took us Nijo castle and Arashi Yama –a mountain.We shared a bit of our culture with them.One day we cooked Khichuri and Eggs for them and tried to entertain them in our own way.One thing we have missed-we wanted to try their’ KIMONOS’,but ,did not get that opportunity.They have tried our Benarasies and Ornaments.It was really fun,I hope the pictures will be able to give you a overall impression along with this piece of writing.At the final day we had a presentation in Tokyo,had our dinner and started for the airport—for home actually.We have seen their technological rise in these 7 days a bit.They are truly friendly and very clean but practice of English is very less in there.It is better you learn their language to communicate well.Thanks to our Government ,thanks to their Government and thanks to my language department of Jahangir Nagar University for giving us such an opportunity .We will carry the memories forever.Special thanks to my patient readers who has put a lot of effort to finish this story of mine.

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