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Experience of Bangladeshi Student

Montashir Hossain, Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Economics

Dhaka:27th April,2014

I would like to share my experience of studying in Japan. Japan has given me so many good memories. I would also like to share my career path after the university to give you an idea of what career opportunities you can have. Let me first give a brief introduction of myself.

My name is Montashir Hossain. I have studied in an English medium school in Dhaka. I have got the Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship from Japanese Government after passing Edexel A level Examination. However, most Monbukagakusho scholars from Bangladesh I know have passed HSC exam from Bengali medium school. The scholarship offers chance to many students from different backgrounds of curriculum. I have always had a great admiration towards Japan. How the nation came back to one of the world’s largest economies after great deal of suffering. That was one of the reasons I chose to study in Japan.

I have got a chance to study in Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, a renowned place to study economics in Japan. One of the main obstacles for foreign students to study in Japan might be the language barrier. However the universities in Japan provide focused and generous Japanese language learning classes. Those, combined with an enough hard work, will surely help to crack down the barrier. Those classes helped me a lot in improving my Japanese. Besides, number of lectures given in English is increasing nowadays in many universities. My university provided me a great environment to learn. All of the professors I met were really generous, responsible and passionate. If I had any confusion about a lecture, they would explain till I got convinced. I had a great opportunity of striving for more knowledge every day.

Besides study, there often was a party to make new friends around the university campus. I could to travel around. Whenever I got a free time I used to travel with my friends to watch beautiful meet many people around the world and got to know many cultures and backgrounds. My hobby was sceneries and eat delicious foods. Metropolitan area inspired me and rural area calmed my mind. Types of food seemed endless; I could never get bored, which made me gain a quite lot of weight!

There are many job opportunities in Japan. Some of my senior scholars from Bangladesh I know are currently working in famous Japanese companies like Sony, Toyota and etc. Some are working in foreign investment bank in Japan. Some are pursuing further academic path. About my career, I have got a job in a trading company in Japan that will start in April 2014 after finishig my bachelor course . The job hunting was tough but there were many job seminars for international students and support from the university. The Japanese company I am joining is a global company. In future I hope to contribute to Bangladesh and Japan by bridging the nations to the world.

Studying in Japan has given me so many life-time experiences that I will never forget, including some tough times. Japan has also given me great career opportunity to succeed. I can never be grateful enough. I was able to spend a really satisfactory student life. I hope and am quite sure that the students from Bangladesh going to study in Japan will feel the same way in the future.

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