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Experience of Bangladeshi Student

Dr. Fatima Akter, Lec. Geography and Environment, DU (Alumni of Kyoto University.)

Dhaka:2nd July,2015

Kyoto University, Japan: I completed my PhD from Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University and thus, I spent four years in the cultural city ‘Kyoto’ of Japan.

I really enjoyed wearing kimono. I felt elegant after wearing the Kimono. There are too many accessories with a kimono outfit that was my beyond imagination.

Colourful Autumn is called “Momichii” . The viewing of autumn colorful leaves has been a popular activity in Japan.

Peace memorial, Gokoku Shrine, Hikone: Commemorating 34,750 war dead from the Hikone Domain and later Shiga Prefecture, from the Boshin War through World War II.

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