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 Project List

Number Project Name Recipient Organization Amount(USD)
FY 2014
186 The Project for Strengthening Arsenic Mitigation Capacity in Jessore Asia Arsenic Network (AAN) 77,487
185 The Project for the Expansion of Coronary Care Services in Rafatullah Community Hospital in Bogra Sadar Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha (TMSS) 72,922
184 The Project for the Establishment of a Community Radio Station in Gaibandha SKS Foundation 70,692
FY 2013
183 The Project for the Construction of Food Processing Center for Tribal Groups in Bandarban Hill District Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB) 121,939
182 The Project for the Construction of Rural Hospital in Hajigonj Bazar Poverty Eradication Program (PEP) 95,194
181 The Project for the Construction of Agricultural Training Center for Poor Farmers in Khagrachari Hill District Integrated Development Foundation (IDF) 121,946
180 The Project for the Construction of Farmers Training Center in Dhamrai Society for Development Initiatives (SDI) 121,623
179 The Project for the Construction of Community-based Improved Potato Storage Facility to Improve Post-Harvest Management in Shibganj Upazila GMark Foundation 97,279
178 The Project for the Civil Monitoring of Elections FEMA 121,514
FY 2012
177 The Project for the Development of Water Management System for Poverty Reduction in Khagrachari District Khagrachari Hill District Council 122,961
176 The Project for the Establishment of District Food Processing Center for Rural Women Development in Tala Women Job Creation Centre (WJCC) 122,906
175 The Project for the Construction of ESDO Shishu (Child) Hospital Eco-Social Development Organization (ESDO) 122,724
174 The Project for Establishment of a Health Human Resource Development Center in Shahi Eidgah Research, Training & Management (RTM) International 123,435
173 The Project for Construction of Dry Fish Production Facility in Taltoly Bangaladesh Human Rights and Resource Development Society (BHRRDS) 123,432
172 The Project for Installation of Agricultural Machinery for Poor and Landless Farmers in Uzirpur Upazilla Voluntary organization for social development (VOSD) 102,848
171 The Project for Installation of Agricultural Machinery for Poor and Landless Farmers in Nachole Upazilla and Tanore Upazilla Agriculture Sustainable & Socio–Economic Development Organization - ASSEDO 123,338
170 The Project for Installation of Equipment for Expansion of Eye Care Services for the Poor Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital 122,093
FY 2011
169 The Project for Installation of Equipments for Community Radio Broadcasting in Munshiganj Environment Council Bangladesh (EC Bangladesh) 63,414
168 The Project for Construction of the Youth Training Center Young Power in Social Action(YPSA) 74,705
167 The Project for Rehabilitaion Center at Rajshahi Trust for the Rehabilitaion of the Praralysed(TRP) 102,082
166 The Projecet for Installation of Equipments for Medical West Management in Dhaka City Prism Bangladesh 102,385
165 The Project for Construction of the Hospital for Women and Childrenn Arsenic Mitigation and Research Foundation (AMRF) 86,208
164 The Project for Construction of Community Hospital for Minority People in Barguna Uniterian Service For Development and Peace (USDP) 97,539
163 The Projecet for Construction of the School for Visually Imparied Girls Social Health and Education Development Board(SHED- Board) 102,057
FY 2010
162 The Project for Excavation of Ponds and Construction of Fish Hatchery for Sustainable Development of Rural Fishery OISCA-IDB (JAPAN) 97,122
161 The Project for Installation of Equipments for Community Radio Broadcasting in Chapai Nawabganj Proyas Manobik Unnayan Society 85,854
160 The Project for Extension of the SURHID Vocational Training Centre at Nangalkot Society for Urban and Rural Human Integrated Development (SURHID) 95,780
159 The Project for Construction of Multi-dimensional Training Complex (MTC) Naria Unnayan Samity 93,829
158 The Project for Construction of Training Center of Cox's Bazar Hospital for Women and Children Hope Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh 95,085
157 The Project for Expansion of Mother and Child Health Care Clinic in Barisal Aloshikha Rajihar Social Development Centre 91,111
156 The Project for Improvement of Service in Marium Eye Hospital Quasem Foundation 96,232
FY 2009
155 Construction of St. Paul's Adivasi School Building Rajshahi Catholic Diocese 95,373
154 Improvement of health care service of Christian Hospital of Chandraghona Christian Hospital of Chandraghona 94,491
153 Construction of Eye Hospital, Rotary Club of Dhaka North Rotary Club of Dhaka North Eye Hospital 92,571
152 Establishment of a Technical Training and Education Unit for Women and Children in Jhenaidha Porshi 92,989
151 Construction of community Resource Center for disadvantage people empowerment in Jamalpur Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) 86,192
150 Construction of Magura Community Clinic Research and Rehabilitation Program for the Disabled 94,874
149 Construction of Resource Center for the disabilities and poor women in Lalmonirhat Nazir 87,563
148 Construction of DBKP Vocational Training Center for poor women and vulnerable youths Desh Bangla Kallyan Parishad 94,009
FY 2008
147 The Project for Construction of Community-Based Resource Center in Nilphamari Manabik Shahajya Sangstha 88,057
146 The Project for Construction of Disability Resource Center of NOWZUWAN NOWZUWAN 85,751
145 The Project for Construction of PROTTYASHI Multi-Purpose Education Center PROTTYASHI 85,608
144 The Project for Construction of Agrasara Healthcare Center Agrasara Memorial Society of Bangladesh 86,575
143 The Project for Construction of IDEA Heath Care Center Institute of Development Affairs (IDEA) 86,765
142 The Project for Construction of Health Clinic cum Training Center in Tantibond Village Mukti Nari-O-Shishu Unnayan Sangstha 85,608
141 The Project for Expansion of Filaria Hospital in Syedpur Institute of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of Bangladesh (IACIB) 85,848
FY 2007
140 Structural Development of Institute for Development Research Training Center Uttaran 85,317
139 BRIDGE Vocational Training Center for Empowerment of Women BRIDGE 85,368
138 Construction of APUK Training and Education Center in Madaripur Aungkur Palli Unnayan Kendra (APUK) 85,285
137 Construction of Residential Hostel of BMBA School Bangladesh Marma Buddhist Association 86,125
136 Construction of Training Complex for Craftman of Artificial Limbs for Disability Center for Disability in Development (CDD) 85,204
135 Empowerment of the Poor in Narsingdi through Micor-credit support PAPRI 91,176
134 Extension of Dhaka Progressive Lions Eye Hospital Dhaka Lions Eye Hospital 85,236
133 Strengthening Lutheran Health Care Bangladesh Hospital services Lutheran Health Care Bangladesh 85,233
132 Construction of Mother and Child Healthcare Hospital of BRIDGE Society BRIDGE Society 85,179
131 Construction of BEDO Healthcare Center in Naogaon BEDO 86,125
FY 2006
130 Expansion of Handicrafts Center in Thanapara Village Thanapara Swallows Development Society 80,625
129 Implementation of Arsenic-free Safe Water in Selected Villages of Jhikorgacha Upazila NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation (NGO Forum) 89,626
128 Construction of Shushilan Vocational Training Center in Shyamnagor Upazila Shushilan 89,480
127 Construction of Talking Library for Visually Disabled People Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organization (BERDO) 88,996
126 Civil Monitoring of Election Fair Election Monitoring Alliance (FEMA) 89,553
125 Stabilization of Electricity for Kumudini Complex Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal (BD) Ltd. 270000
124 Collecting and Treatment of Medical Waste in Dhaka City PRISM Bangladesh 87,398
123 The Oral Health Care of Slum Dwellers The Foundation For Health Education Service and Research (FHESR) 82,700
FY 2005
122 Modernization of Hospital to Ensure Low Cost Treatment for Elderly People Bangladesh Association for the Aged and Institute of Geriatric Medicine (BAAIGM) 90,141
121 Construction of Human Development Organization (HDO) Training Center Human Development Organization 88,569
120 Construction of Vocational Training, Employment-Generation, and Health Support Programme for the Persons with Disabilities in Mujibnagar Upazila Save the Planet and Disability(SPD) 73,430
119 Construction of Mother and Child Care Training Institute Eskander Welfare Foundation (EWF) 90,371
118 Extending of International Angel Association, Bangladesh School Building International Angel Association 86,907
117 Strengthening the Community Based Health Care Programme in Chittagong Hill Tracts BRAC 83,068
116 Extension of Existing Japan-Bangladesh Friendship School Society for Advancement of Rural Areas(SARA) 76,408
FY 2004
115 Construction of Multi-Purpose Community Center in Hill Tracts UNDP Bangladesh 88,703
114 Renovation and Extension of Poultry Management OISCA-IDB(Japan) 83,000
113 Extension of Vocational Training Center Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA) 40,945
112 Improvement of Human Resource Development Center World Mission Prayer League (LAMB Hospital) 90,638
111 Extension of Eye Hospital cum Health Center at Sunamganj Voluntary Asociation for Rural Development (VARD) 74,402
110 Emergency Response to Enhancement Diarrhoeal and Respiratory Disease Prevention and Control among Flood Victims in Dhaka City International Center for Diahhoeal Disease Research (ICDDR,B) 77,806
FY 2003
109 Vocational Training Centre at Nangalkot Surid Sangha 63,023
108 Vocational Training Centre for People with Disability Noakhali Rural Action Society (N-RAS) 78,070
107 Construction of Training and Resource Development Center Association for Integrated Development (AID-Comilla) 76,592
FY 2002
106 Jahanara Female Handicraft Training Centre for Rural Women Jahanara Female Adult School & Handicrafts Training Centre (JFAS&HTC) 69,870
105 Christian Hospital Chandraghona Support Project Christian Hospital Chandraghona (CHC) 34,969
104 Kumudini Hospital Support Project Kumudini Hospital 64,551
103 Development of Materials for Non-Formal Primary Education of BDP Basic Development Partners (BDP) 10,370
102 Palli Grassroots Health Worker Training Project (II) Palli Unnayan & Janakallayan Sangstha (PUJS) 65,040
101 Nari Maitree Mother & Child Clinic Project (II) Nari Maitree (NM) 54,991
100 Khan Foundation Clinic Support Project Khan Foundation (KF) 74,632
FY 2001
99 Srimongal Foundation Mother and Child Health Clinic Construction Project Srimangal Foundation (SF) 91,702
98 Filaria Clinic Construction Project at Syedpur Institute of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of Bangladesh (IACIB) 91,206
97 Tilottama Training Center cum Clinic Construction at Rajshahi Tilottama Voluntary Women's Organization (TVWO) 93,456
96 Dhaka Shishu Hospital Thalassemia Center Construction Project Dhaka Shishu Hospital (DSH) 93,121
95 Construction of Primary School and Training Centre for Rural Poor at Barapaika Human Cooperatoin Centre in Bangladesh (HCCB) 52,819
94 Skill Development Project for Disabled Person in Jhenaidha Action in Development (AID) 93,183
93 Integrated Project for Human Resource and Skill Development at Hatiya Dwip Unnayan Songstha (DUS) 45,509
92 Family Welfare Project Bangladesh Association for Community Education (BACE) 70,001
91 Socio-Economic Development Agency of Bangladesh STD and HIV/AIDS Prevention Project in Dhaka Socio-Economic Development Agency of Bangladesh 44,631
90 Rural Health Development Society STD and HIV/AIDS Prevention & Treatment Project for the Floating Sex Workers Rural Health & Development Society (RHDS) 46,516
89 Rural Enterprise Program for Woman Development for the Poor (DP) 46,558
88 Support Program for Vocational Training Institute for Working Children Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) 52,004
87 Election Monitoring by Fair Election Monitoring Alliance (FEMA) in Bangladesh Manabik Shahajya Sangstha (MSS) 31,167
FY 2000
86 Technical Assistance and Support for the Person with Disability (II) Bangladesh Protibandhi Kallyan Somity (BPKS) 87,719
85 PROSHIKA Secondary Education Improvement Project Proshika Manobik Unnayan Kendro 188,646
84 Khulna Institute of Cultural Research Construction Project Lokenatya O Sanghaskritik Unnayan Kendro (LOSAUK) 78,755
83 Rehabilitation Project for Flood Affected People in Jessore Palli Unnayan & Janakallayan Sangstha (PUJS) 56,196
82 VARD Eye Hospital cum Health Center Construction Project at Sunamganj Voluntary Asociation for Rural Development (VARD) 85,048
81 Grameen Multimedia Public Health Project Grameen Communications 95,238
80 Marketable Skill Development Training Center Construction Project Gono Kallayan Trust (GKT) 93,721
79 Development of Multi-Purpose Federation Grain Stores in Thakurgaon District Project Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service (RDRS) 75,105
78 Children's Complex Vertical Expansion Project Central Kanch Kanchar Mela (CKKM) 84,897
77 Flood Shelter with Gender Resource Center Construction Project Foundation for Human Development (FHD) 91,892
76 Begum Akhtarum-Nessa Girl's High School Extension Project Begum Akhtarun-Nessa Girl's High School 78,708
75 Rakhaing Multi-Purpose Community Center Construction Project Rakhaing Development Foundation (RDF) 76,735
74 HIV/AIDS Prevention & Treatment Support Project HIV/AIDS and STD Alliance Bangladesh (HASAB)--> 73,428
73 AITAM Maternal & Child Health Training Center Improvement Project AITAM Welfare Organization 77,338
FY 1999
72 Rishilpi Health Training Center Construction Project Rishilpi Development Projects 45,038
71 Palli Grassroots Health Worker Training Project Palliunnayan & Janakallayan Sangstha 55,733
70 Khagrachari Hill District Repatriated Refugees Relief Project SURVIVAL 81,083
69 Comprehensive Community Health Care Project in Comilla Comilla Atmanivedita Mahila Sangstha (CAMS) 75,669
68 AMDA Vocational Training Center Construction Project AMDA, Bangladesh 81,981
67 Family Planning & Maternal Child Health Clinic Construction Project Family Planning Association of Bangladesh (FPAB) 79,700
66 Shapla Neer Micro-Credit Project Shapla Neer 63,367
65 Project of Constructing ICDDR, B PSKP Urban Family Health Partnership Clinic International Center for Diahhoeal Disease Research 80,000
64 Project of Constructing Uttaran Resource & Training Center Uttaran 81,210
63 Project of Constructing Multipurpose Community Center in Chilmari Upon Uddagh Sangtha 82,000
62 Project of Constructing Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care, Training and Women Development Center Concerned Women for Family Development (CWFD) 81,593
61 Project of Constructing SOPIRET Maternal and Child Health Clinics Society for Project Implementation Research Evaluation & Training (SOPIRET) 74,603
60 Project of Technical Assistance for Education and Rehabilitation of the Visually Impaired Helen Keller International Bangladesh 79,202
59 Community Afforestation Project of 9 Agricultural Colleges Plantation Club Bangladesh 34,020
58 Project of Constructing Multipurpose Community Center in Tongipara Welfare Sangstha 32,930
FY 1998
57 Project of Constructing PSTC Center for Health, Education and Rehabilitation of Poor Women and Children Population Services and Training Center (PSTC) 79,979
56 Project of Constructing Audiology Center in Barisal World Concern Bangladesh 81,079
55 Project of Constructing Food Shelter cum Maternal & Child Health Care Clinic at Pakundia Nari Uddug Kendra 83,897
54 Rehabilitation Project for Flood Affected People in South Coastal Area Development Organization of the Rural Poor (DORP) 19,010
53 Thalassaemia Diagnostic Center Improvement Project Thalassaemia Society of Bangladesh 84,014
52 Municipal Used Ambulance Procurement Project ADRA Bangladesh 41,705
51 Poor Women Income Generation (Poultry) Project Development Society 55,010
50 Emergency Medical Support Project for Flood Affected People FPAB 76,066
49 Relief and Rehabilitation for Flood Affected People in the Southeast Part of Dhaka Nari Maitree 61,304
48 Relief and Rehabilitation Project for Flood Affected People in Gazaria and Austogram AMDA, Bangladesh 57,151
47 Green Umbrella Project Bangladesh Center for Communication Program 83,695
46 Marma Residential Primary School Construction Project Bangladesh Marma Buddhist Association 72,946
FY 1997
45 Relief Project for People Affected by Cyclone, May 19, 1997 Development Organization of the Rural Poor (DORP) 34,709
44 Multipurpose School Construction Project in Cox's Bazar & Ramu Rakhaing Development Foundation 89,776
43 Rehabilitation Project of the Offshore CHARs of Bhola ACTIONAID Bangladesh 83,872
42 Multipurpose Community Health Center at Banshkhali Development Organization of the Rural Poor (DORP) 79,502
41 Anowara & Chandanaish Rehabilitation Project AMDA, Bangladesh 80,750
40 Relief and Rehabilitation for Cyclone Affected People in Hazipur Bhola Seba Songha 71,895
39 International Angel Agriculture Training and Improvement Program International Angel Association (IAA) 65,454
38 OISCA Rehabilitation Project in Chokoria OISCA International 81940
37 Model Community Primary School Construction Project Plan International 45,867
36 Bangladesh-Japan Technical Institute Construction Project Poverty Eradication & Environment Program (PEEP) 92,173
FY 1996
35 Construction of Thengamara Women Medical Center Project Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha (TMSS) 93,690
34 Technical Assistance and Support for the Person with Disability Bangladesh Protibandhi Kallyan Somity (BPKS) 83,428
33 Nari Maitree Mother and Child Clinic Project Nari Maitree 86,238
32 AMDA-HASUK Mobile Clinic Project AMDA, Bangladesh 94,707
31 Abeda Nur Hospital for Destitute Child and Mother Abeda Nur Foundation 99,487
30 Income Generation Program for Rural Destitute Women Shapla Neer 96,428
29 Upgrading FP Projects to Introduce Pachage Health Services in Predominantly Rural Sites Pathfinder International 33,002
28 Upgrading Urban Family Planning / MCH Clinics to Provide a Basic Package of Health Services Asia Foundation 97,169
27 Election Monitoring Project Coodination Council for Human Rights in Bangladesh 23,694
FY 1995
26 Fair Election Monitoring Alliance (FEMA) Asia Foundation 22,798
25 JIBBASHA Family Planning Services Swanirvar Bangladesh 49,573
24 Strengthening Urban Reproductive Health Care Services AVSC International 49,989
23 Barisal Mother & Child Reproductive Health Care Servicest Aloshikha 90,581
22 Multipurpose Health & Veterinary cum Cyclone Center Bhola Seba Songha 73,787
21 Valedi Primary Health Care Center in Rangamati Valedi Multiplex Social Welfare Association 74,314
20 Construction of the Holholya Adarsha Biddah Niketan Building Jubo Academy 69,618
19 Health & Nutrition Education Materials Development Bangladesh Friendship Education Society (BFES) 59,302
18 Bhatpara Women Multipurpose Training Center Family Planning Association of Bangladesh (FPAB) 68,157
FY 1994
17 OISCA-Ex-Trainees Follow-up Project Bangladesh OISCA-Ex Trainees Welfare Association 44,172
16 National Heart Foundation Hospital The National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh 64,012
15 Urban Based Comprehensive Reproductive Health Clinics Asia Foundation 46,487
FY 1993
14 Handmade Paper Project (Job Creation Program) Mennonite Central Committee (USA) 54,392
13 Micro-Enterprise Loan Program Food for the Hungry International 38,693
12 Hazipur Union Rural Infrastructure Development Project Bhola Seba Songha 31,633
FY 1992
11 Sustainable Development Program for the Farmers Project Ujjeeban Kendra 12,913
10 Leprosy Control Project in Khulna Dhanjuri Leprosy Project Khulna Branch 40340
9 Tangail Leprosy Control Hospital Project Damien Foundation (Germany) 37221
FY 1991
8 Training Equipment Installation Project Dhammarajika Orphanage 27,309
7 Training Immunizes in the Community Approach Project CARE Bangladesh 35,189
6 North Bangladesh Rehabilitation Program Terre Des Homes (Swiss) 40,408
FY 1990
5 Primary School Construction & Extension Project Gono Shanhajjo Sangstha (GSS) 39,005
4 Rural Clinic Extension of Bogra Christian Hospital Churches of God Mission (USA) 45,283
FY 1989
3 Vulnerable Group Development Program Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) 35,741
2 Food Production Increasing Program in Sherpur Unnyan Sanghaya 37,796
1 Maternal & Child Health Project of IP Integrated Family Planning, Nutrition and Parasite Control Project 43,418

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