Appointments for visa applications


Appointments for visa applications

If you wish to make an appointment for a visa application at the Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh,
please send an email with the appointment format attached to this address: 

Please click here to download the reservation format (Excel).

We are experiencing a lot of visa reservations and it is difficult to get an appointment, so we may not be able to make an appointment on your preffered date.
Visas usually valid for 3 months, so please apply early rather than just before travel date.

If there is more than one applicant, e.g. a family member, please send the information for each person.

Once we have received your email, we will contact you as soon as possible.

The Embassy request - not to book appointment multiple times(Phone & Mail).
If we found such cases, Then all his/her appointment schedule will be cancelled.
Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh