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Japan-Bangladesh E-Bulletin (73rd Issue / Sep 27, 2007)

- Making a Bridge between Japan and Bangladesh -


This E-Bulletin is to share updated information and stories about Japan-Bangladesh relations with as many people as possible. If your friends are interested in subscription, please email us at  mail@embjp.accesstel.net


[1] Information

* Appointment of New Prime Minister of Japan (Sep 25, Tokyo)

* Appointment of New Foreign Minister of Japan (Sep 26, Tokyo)


[2] Recent Event on Japan-Bangladesh Relations

* The Visit of Mr. Chihiro Atsumi, Director-General, Southeast and Southwest Asian Affairs Department,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan(Sep 17)


[3] Relay Essay by Japan Development Scholarship (JDS) Fellow

(Mr. Mohammed Hossain Sarker, Public Administration)



* Appointment of New Prime Minister of Japan (Sep 25, Tokyo)

H.E. Mr. Yasuo Fukuda, a member of the House of Representatives, was appointed as the Prime Minister on September 25. Prime Minister Fukuda became the 91th Prime Minister (the 58th person to assume the post) since H.E. Mr. Hirobumi Ito, the first Prime Minister of Japan. After the appointment, Prime Minister Fukuda formed a new Cabinet.

Further information on Prime Minister Fukuda will be available soon at the following website:



* Appointment of New Foreign Minister of Japan (Sep 26, Tokyo)

H.E. Mr. Masahiko Koumura was appointed as Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan on September 26. Mr. Itsutoshi Onodera and Mr. Hitoshi Kimura were appointed as Senior Vice-Ministers; Mr. Osamu Uno, Mr. Yasuhide Nakayama, and Mr. Masakatsu Koike were appointed as Vice-Ministers for Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Minister Koumura’s profile, speeches, and meetings:




 [2] Recent Events on Japan-Bangladesh Relations

* The Visit of Mr. Chihiro Atsumi, Director-General, Southeast and Southwest Asian Affairs Department,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (Sep 17)

Mr. Chihiro Atsumi, Director-General, Southeast and Southwest Asian Affairs Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan visited Bangladesh on 17 September. Mr. Atsumi, accompanied by H.E. Mr. Inoue, Ambassador of Japan to Bangladesh, paid a courtesy call on Honorable Foreign Adviser Dr. Iftekhar A Chowdhury and discussed bilateral issues as well as global ones.

During the meeting, Mr. Atsumi expressed his hope that the Government of Bangladesh will consolidate democracy in Bangladesh through holding a free, fair and credible general election by December 2008 at the latest. Mr. Atsumi welcomed the lifting of the ban on indoor political meetings as a step forward in the democratic process in Bangladesh.

Mr. Atsumi informed the Foreign Advisor that Japan will continue to support the efforts of the Government of Bangladesh for political, economic and social reforms through such measures as election assistance and Official Development Assistance. Recognizing the fact that Bangladesh has huge potential for further development, he stated his expectation that Bangladesh will achieve further development through the early establishment of a democratic and stable government.


[3] Relay Essay by Japan Development Scholarship (JDS) Fellow

(Mr. Mohammed Hossain Sarker, Public Administration, Meiji University)

I take the privilege to express my heartfelt thanks to the authority for selecting me as a ‘JDS Fellow’ 2007-2008, for studying Public Administration at Meiji University. I accomplished my Master in Physics from Dhaka University. Although I had no academic study in Public Administration, immense interest in the public service induced me to join Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS). I think the forthcoming study program and experience in Japan will be most exciting part of my professional life.

The underlying objectives of JDS, one of the most prestigious human resource development scholarships in Japan, has helped me to chalk out my immediate and long term plan of actions as I am directly involved in implementing development activities under the service of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. My purpose to avail JDS scholarship is to acquire the skills and knowledge for strengthening my capacity to participate more effectively in the process of making, implementing and evaluating public policies with a view to enhance the socioeconomic development of Bangladesh.

The present institutional infrastructure for delivering and adoption of new technology, however, is inadequate. Enhancing technological capability in the public service remains the strategic challenge. Now it is no longer a mater of choice but an absolute need of the day. New communication technologies have made amazingly fast Information Super Highways wide open for the citizens of the world. These unprecedented developments are putting tremendous pressure on developing societies to change their traditional outlook on the existing mechanism of public administration. Members of the transformed civil administration now need to modernize themselves. So, through my research proposed ‘Accumulation of Technological Capability Building for changing attitudes and work habit of Civil Servants at field level administration’, I do wish to be equipped with the knowledge and experience of information system of modern administration that will make me professional know-how. My gathered knowledge and experience from this course will make me able to adopt and create technology climate and I will be able to contribute in capability building of the civil servant that will change the attitude and will make a congenial atmosphere for quality service.


My sense of responsibility will be increased and it will enhance my management skill. Other than that, I shall get the opportunity to work with scholars, professionals and policymakers as well as excellent faculty members who are renowned for their substantial scholarly contributions and expertise. A large number of students from different countries will provide me the opportunity to intimate with the international community and will enable me to acquire knowledge about current thinking on policy formulation and implementation. More over, I shall be able to learn Japanese language which will enrich my negotiable capability with Japan, the single largest development partner of our country.

My expectation coming to Meiji University is to reflect on my working experiences, to evaluate what I am doing as a young civil servant and upgrade my knowledge on the field that I am already familiar with.

(Japan Development Scholarship (JDS))






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